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Illumination Gathering is on hiatus while we search for a new venue.


Celebrate in a beautiful forest.

Oregon Map to the Illumination Festival 2012Tidewater Falls is located about 30 miles inland of the Oregon Coast near the town of Tidewater, OR.

Driving there takes ~2.5 hours from Portland or Eugene, ~3.5 hours from Bend or Hood River,
~5.5 hours from Ashland or Seattle and
~10.5 hours from SF or Vancouver, BC.

Precise driving directions will be posted closer to the event.

If you want to be close to the site when the gates are not open, there are campgrounds and hotels nearby. All vehicles and people must leave the venue by Sunday, August 5th, at 2:00 PM. Please review the gate schedule, and plan to arrive during hours when the gate is open. Vehicles and patrons that arrive when the gates are closed will not be permitted onsite until the gate opens the following day.



Tidewater Falls is located
~2.5 hours from Portland or Eugene,
~5.5 hours from Ashland or Seattle and
~10.5 hours from SF or Vancouver, BC.

It is near the town of Tidewater, OR.   
Download a print-ready .pdf of Driving Directions.


If you are coming from the south, we highly recommend stopping to refuel and for a snack at our favorite solar powered Biofuels station, SeQuential Biofuels, located just off of I-5 in Eugene at 86714 McVay Highway. It is the first all-biofuel and biofuel-blend fueling station in the nation. They offer biofuel and biofuel blends for every vehicle with no conversion required.


We highly encourage everyone to carpool. Our Rideshare page should help everyone fill your vehicles or find someone to share a ride with.


The power of the sacred container of the circle, the fire, and the shared experience of co-creation, and mutual support. The joy, the connections, the music, the singing, the breakthrough. The great food, and sharing food with new and old soul brothers and sisters!

"Illumination turned out to be a surprising delight. I really didn’t know what to expect, except a fire and dancing. Illumination is an opportunity to expand into the light of the fire and “illuminate” the light of your spirit. If you are ready, willing and able to participate in the journey, please join in the Experience this summer! " – Martha Lee Bohn

I have never experienced a gathering that brought me to the core of my being so quickly! If you are thinking of attending this event, I can promise you one thing for sure, you will not be the same person you were before you decided to dance around this fire! This is an opportunity to Illuminate your soul :) ~ Rebecca French