Family Camp policies are being revised.  Please check back in the spring for furthur details.

Family Camp at Illumination FestivalIllumination is a Family-Friendly event. With that said, this event is designed to support serious personal spiritual/empowerment work/growth. Accordingly, we request that parents who bring children to this event commit to supervising their children so that their youthful energy will not infringe upon the community’s serious spiritual work while in the circle and the venue-wide “quiet” sleep hours of 8am – noon and 8pm – 11pm.

We strongly encourage parents and friends to join us in our fun.  Youth 16 and under are free and must attend with a parent/guardian. There will be a specific camping area for families with children 10 years and younger.  

We also plan to have activities within the circle for attending children…because all attendees deserve this honor.  For more info contact:

Children and teens are welcome at the Illumination Gathering. Please understand that parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are safe, are behaving appropriately for the Gathering, and have adult supervision. Parents must actively share child-monitoring duties. Parents and minors who do not fulfill these requirements will be asked to leave the Illumination Gathering, with no refund. 




Minors who attend the Illumination Gathering must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. An adult may bring someone else's child, but they MUST bring a copy of the Minor’s Release Form (place ink to web page here) AND a copy the Waiver Release Form (place ink to web page here) 

Both of these documents must be signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.


All minors must be pre-registered. Minors arriving on site without preregistration AND the requisite form(s) will be turned away, with no refund to the accompanying adult.

Although child care services are not available, parents are expected to take turns spending time with the children. If you bring a child under 6 years of age, you must plan for their continuous care and supervision.

Parents are asked to contact contact us at as soon as they register, or if they have any questions.


What’s The Big Ideal?!

IDEALLY, the kids will be able to relate to and participate in what's going on at the Gathering.

IDEALLY, adults will be guides and advisors not supervisors/ managers/ baby-sitters/ entertainers (unless they want to be).

IDEALLY, the kids will create their own space and their own play, and still be part of the larger community.

IDEALLY, the kids will learn appropriate behaviors in sacred space and pass on the wisdom of the elders.

IDEALLY, the kids' presence at the Gathering will give adults the opportunity to serve, learn and grow.

IDEALLY, the kids' wisdom and contribution will be respected and honored by the adults, just as adults expect to be respected and honored.


What Kids Will Do

Young people who have reached a level of independence and self-sufficiency and have the ability to learn social responsibility (approximately elementary school age, 6 years or older) will enjoy self-directed and self-structured activities. Kids will be guided by their own interests, especially related to the fire circle. They will be monitored by parents and other adult volunteers.


Parents are ultimately responsible for their minor children and should be prepared to tend to them should the need arise. For example, if a child will not to participate with the others, he or she must be cared for by his or her parent or guardian.


Children and teens may ask to participate in almost all activities at the Gathering — playshops, etc., where they are not specifically prohibited. 


All kids and teens who attend Illumination Gatherings must understand that many of our activities are of a quiet and sensitive nature.


Some Ideas for Activities

Develop contribution(s) to the fire circle.

Treasure-hunt for materials from nature.

Decorate kids’ areas.

Build percussion instruments. 

Make masks, body decorations (costumes, body paint, headdresses).

Chanting, dancing and performing.

Create a medicine wheel or labyrinth for the Tribe.

Rest/nap/meditate/tell stories.


Special Kids' Areas

The Mynah Bird’s Nest is the main activity area for the kids, and may be co-located with the Play Space for Inner Children (adult art and craft area).This is where the kids can hang out, create things — make masks, make up chants, make music, etc. It will have craft supplies, places to lie around and snacks (supplied by parents for all kids to share). The Mynah Bird's Nest will serve as the kids’ staging and practice area for anything they might want to contribute to the fire circle such as chants, dances, or other performances. It is also the central meeting place should the kids need to be called in from their explorations by the designated signal (gong or bell).


The Domain of Dreaming is a tent within view of the fire circle. Its main function is to serve as a safe alternative sleeping area for the kids during the all-night fire circle. Parents and their kids will be within in easy reach of each other. Parents will remain totally responsible for their kids during the fire circle. At night, the Domain will be a Quiet Zone and is to be used only for sleeping. Kids whose activities or noises disturb the fire circle will be exiled from the Domain.


Roles and Duties of Parents and Guardians

IDEALLY, adults are guides and advisors, not supervisors/ managers/ babysitters/ entertainers (unless they want to be). 


Family Orientation and Monitoring

Adults who bring minor children to the Gathering are required to attend the Family Orientation offered on the day they arrive, and must also contribute a set number of hours to monitoring. These hours of service will be divided equally among the parents and monitoring volunteers. Names and service times will be posted for easy reference. Monitors will wear identifying armbands when on duty.

The schedule of events at the Gathering tends to be fluid; the start and end times of adult activities may vary. To be fair, monitoring duty times are "set." Monitors are to start and end their shifts on time, even if this means missing all or part of another activity. Trading duty time is permissible if all parties involved agree. Any switch needs to be posted and the other monitors and children must be informed.


Monitoring Hours 

Thursday: (To be announced)
Friday: 10:30 a.m. to — 8 PM
Saturday: 10:30 a.m. — 8 PM
Sunday: Parents resume complete care of their kids.


What Monitors will Do

Ensure that kids do not disrupt other activities that may be going on. 

Check in with the kids at the start of your shift so they will know who to look for if the need arises.

Check on the kids every 15 minutes or so and ensuring that all is going smoothly and safely.

Make sure all kids check in with you every half-hour.

Be available whenever kids need help or guidance.

Signal, with pre-designated gong, bell or whistle, to call all the kids to come in when necessary.

Check periodically to make sure "buddies" stick together.

Keep the Mynah Bird’s Nest (see below) supplied with water and snacks.

Remind the kids to keep their areas neat and to pick up after themselves.

Carry the Bag of Tricks, which contains activity ideas to offer if the kids should run out of things to do, complain of being bored, etc. WARNING to kids: If you resort to using the Bag of Tricks, you MUST carry out the instructions and complete the activity — no changing your minds!

Closely monitor any water activities. Minor children must be watched at all times when they are in and around any bodies of water, including the pool, streams, lakes or the ocean. If the kids want to play in or near the water, they must be accompanied by a monitor. If the swimming area is well away from the Gathering site, all kids must go as one group, since monitors can't be in two places at once. Monitors and kids may seek out other adult volunteers to help watch watch the kids when they are swimming. 


kidsinmudRoles and Duties of the Children and Teens

IDEALLY, the kids will relate to and participate in what's going on.

IDEALLY, the kids will create their own space and their own play and still part of the community.

IDEALLY, the kids will learn appropriate behaviors.


Family Orientation and Tour

Children and teens will go to a family orientation session with their parent to meet other kids, parents and volunteer monitors. Kids will partner up with their buddies. All will tour the Gathering site. Kids will be informed of the behavior expected in and around each area. Quiet zones, in particular, will be pointed out. 


Kids' Duties

Kids will partner up with "buddies" and take on the responsibility of looking out for each other, their respective buddies and all the kids as a group.

Kids will stick together and not go anywhere alone — even to the bathrooms.

Kids are to check in with the monitor every half hour.

Kids are to keep the monitor informed of their whereabouts at all times. For example, if 6 kids start out at the Mynah Bird’s Nest and 2 want to visit the Temple of Light, then those 2 need to go and tell the monitor first.

Older or more skilled kids are encouraged to assist those who may need help with projects (without bossing or taking over).

If kids see other kids doing something dangerous or destructive, they should tell the monitor immediately.

Kids are to respond immediately to the emergency signal by assembling at the designated area. No "Hold on," "Let me finish this first" or "I’ll be there in a minute."


Time Outs

If Kids are disruptive, uncooperative or just plain cranky, they will be sent to take a time out with their parents.


Special Safety Rules 

Fire — All exploration of, and experimentation with, fire must be supervised by an adult.

Water —Don’t drink from the stream (if the site has one).  If your children are going to drink from the community’s water bottles then please teach them how to do so without touching their lips to the bottles (“head tilted back, like a baby bird”)

Earth — There are set boundaries beyond which the children may not go without adult accompaniment. Explorations beyond these boundaries, such as a walk in the forest, require that an adult go along. Be very careful to avoid the poison oak that lives abundantly in the venue’s forest.

Air — Signals: each child will wear a whistle around his or her neck to be used ONLY TO CALL FOR HELP IN AN EMERGENCY. A signal such as a gong or bell will be used to gather the kids into their designated meeting area when necessary.

Spirit — Kids are encouraged to ask for help or reassurance if they are frightened or confused. 


Roles and Duties of the Illumination Community

IDEALLY, the community will show/teach appropriate behaviors in sacred space and pass on the wisdom of the elders.

IDEALLY, the presence of kids at the Gathering will give adults the opportunity to serve, learn and grow.

IDEALLY, the kids' wisdom and contribution will be respected and honored by the adults, just as adults expect to be respected and honored.

IDEALLY, the adults in the Tribe will model the behavior they expect of the kids.

Under the premise that it does, indeed, take a village to raise a child, all members of the Illumination Gathering Tribe are requested to redirect young people who may be doing anything potentially dangerous, such as playing with fire without adult supervision. 


Want to Help?

You may facilitate an activity or do a project with the kids. Please keep in mind that it's preferable to do or make things that relate to the fire circle so that the kids can contribute to the Gathering and gain a sense of accomplishment and connection with the community.


Please contact us at to let her know if you'd like to help serve the Tribe's young people by providing monitoring, facilitating an activity, donating supplies (craft supplies, snacks), etc. 


Parents are requested to pay a materials fee of $5 per child, and contribute snacks for the kids. Anyone may contribute supplies. 


Wish List of Supplies for the Kids to Use

Muslin or other cheap cloth
Yarn and string
Cooler for water
Cooler for snacks or juices