Schedule of Events

The basic schedule is rather simple and smaller additions/changes will be posted onsite:

• The Registration booth is open for the Village Builders on Wednesday from noon till 8pm and for all other participants on Thursday and Friday from noon till 8pm. Please plan to arrive only during these times.

• The all-night Sacred Fires will occur on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

• Playshops happen daily from 1-4pm.

• Dinner is at 6-7pm, followed immediately by evening presentations

• Nap time is 8-11pm.

• Ceremonial participants and ritual tech team members generally arrive at the circle between 30 and 60 minutes before the evening’s journey begins.

• The Journey usually starts at midnight…sometimes at 11pm.  Please arrive several minutes beforehand so you don’t interrupt the opening.

• The Journey ends at sunrise.

• Nap time is 8am – Noon.

• Brunch is Noon-1pm.

• Fire Circle “Vanishing Ritual” – a community cleanup project – happens at sunrise on Sunday morning.

• Everyone is expected to leave the venue by 2pm Sunday.  This should give you time to take a nap before driving.

If you have further questions, please refer to the FAQs page.