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Sacred Fire Circles are conscious celebrations intended to inspire all who participate to live more meaningful, rewarding, joyous, creative and empowered lives. 


Yes, you, and yes… you do. You deserve an ordeal, not a drama mind you, but a real old fashioned ordeal.

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Your actual packing list may vary, depending on your accommodations, participation in the venue's meal plan, and other factors. Read More...

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Our extensive Frequently Asked Questions should give you the information you need, but if not, feel free to Contact Us.

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One of our primary aims for Illumination is to champion new ways to honor and respect our planet in crisis while we celebrate our ever-present connection with her. Read More...

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As the old saying goes, "In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." With this in mind, Sacred Fire Circle Gatherings are founded on a philosophy of sacred service.  Here are a few articles that provide greater insight into this wonderful way of being.

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Peak Experience Productions is a legendary West Coast producer of conscious celebrations.

The Beloved Festival presents world music and new paradigm cultural events.

The Vegas Vortex produces alchemical events and fire circle gatherings in Las Vegas. 

SpiritFire Festival is a five day retreat-style fire circle gathering held in New England.

Fire Tribe Hawaii on Oahu. Sacred Fire Circles at each Solstice and Equinox. Dance, Music, Song & Art.

McBride Magic & Mystery School and world-renowned magician Jeff McBride.

Forestdance Sacred Fire Circles are co-creative, all night, eclectic spiritual experiences.

Shimmering Wolf Studios - Illumination website developer & Facilitator of Redwood Nights.

Kyer Photography/Artistic Wedding Photos - Photographer for some of this site's images

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You learn it by doing it, and once you get the basic idea, it can be applied in many different ways. Read More...

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While most of the music at fire circles is improvised we do draw upon the vast library of traditional circle songs... Read More....

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Resourcery - A Library of Possibilities

Welcome to the Illumination Re-Sourcery! Working with this information will greatly enhance your experience at our Fire Circles, helping you understand how you can creatively weave your gifts, talents and skills into the larger whole.  Please keep in mind that Illumination is a dynamic synthesis of various fire circle technologies. You may read a lot about “alchemical” fire circle technology at this Re-Sourcery because one of our three fires is based upon that model and more has been written about the alchemical model than others.  The Illumination experience is constantly evolving through our embrace of an emergent design philosophy…therefore, the Re-Sourcery will have new articles added from time to time to reflect these refinements.



    Family Camp Guide Required reading for all attending parents and legal guardians.
  • Inner Alchemy
    Some observations on the stages of the Alchemical Work, and how it is related to releasing our issues.
  • Why You Deserve An Ordeal
    How the Fire Circle can help us intentionally explore the mythic landscape of our highest potential.




While most of the music at fire circles is improvised we do draw upon the vast library of traditional sacred songs...some of which are featured here and some of which have been written by our community specifically for fire circle culture. Most songs sung in our circles are recited in the English language, since that’s the primary dialect in our community and, by doing so, affords our participants an understanding of what we are celebrating/invoking/embodying. New and different songs are welcome in the circle, though we suggest that you present them, if possible, in a call-and-response format, so that everyone can learn and sing them on the fly. 
The mysteries of the fire circle are, in part, transmitted through the words of the songs and chants we sing. Singing out loud can be a challenging experience for some people. We want you to know that our circle is a safe place to take creative/expressive risks, that - no matter what you think it sounds like - your voice is good enough for the circle, and that we want to hear you sing! Even if you're feeling shy, try softly singing along to yourself, or humming. Any sort of sound will get your cells vibrating, which supports a deepening of both your own and the collective experience, so please: sing!Musical Diversity
In celebration of the precious spice of our diversity, we want to make a special point of encouraging everyone to bring the full range of their sonic delights.

Chants We Sing

Here are links to web pages featuring many Fire Circle Song lyrics and MP3 sound files:•

Chanting the Fire Circle – Insight into how we can best offer chants and songs to the Circle.
Quick Reference: Alchemical Rhythmatism
The short and sweet key to Alchemical Rhythmatism, a collaborative technology for improvisational musicians in the circle.
Frame Drum Skill Building Joshua Levin’s great guide to frame drumming

All material on this site is Copyright © to the credited author on the piece or to Peak Experience Productions LLC if no author is specified. Re-posting of these materials with permission only.

Magickal Movement

Dancing the AlchemiFire Circle

by Robin Sol Lieberman, Deborah Nerving and Shakti Rowan


We are deeply passionate dance enthusiasts who began this article inspired by a desire to express the many ways in which people intentionally use movement around the Fire to engage in transformation, magick and healing. We have composed ideas intended to support dance as a self-guided portal to Wellness, and which offer approaches to integrate movement work within the 7 stage alchemical model. This article is an adjunct to The Seven Stages of ‘Bringing it On’, a separate document filled with suggestions on how to engage through all the portals of the Alchemical Fire Circle.


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The Fire Circle: Art, Spirit, Community

How can I best prepare for the Fire Circle? 


Many seasoned Sacred Fire Circle celebrants begin shifting their sleeping/waking schedule in the days leading up to the Gathering. You are encouraged to arrive rested! In addition to making it easy on yourself by getting on the optional meal plan, you might consider bringing energy foods and drinks to supplement your diet. Drink LOTS of water. If possible, arrange your schedule to have a day off between the Gathering and returning to work. 

Are alcoholic beverages allowed at the Gathering? 

This gathering is alcohol and drug-free.

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