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Sacred Fire Circles are conscious celebrations intended to inspire all who participate to live more meaningful, rewarding, joyous, creative and empowered lives. 


Yes, you, and yes… you do. You deserve an ordeal, not a drama mind you, but a real old fashioned ordeal.

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Your actual packing list may vary, depending on your accommodations, participation in the venue's meal plan, and other factors. Read More...

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Our extensive Frequently Asked Questions should give you the information you need, but if not, feel free to Contact Us.

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One of our primary aims for Illumination is to champion new ways to honor and respect our planet in crisis while we celebrate our ever-present connection with her. Read More...

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As the old saying goes, "In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." With this in mind, Sacred Fire Circle Gatherings are founded on a philosophy of sacred service.  Here are a few articles that provide greater insight into this wonderful way of being.

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Peak Experience Productions is a legendary West Coast producer of conscious celebrations.

The Beloved Festival presents world music and new paradigm cultural events.

The Vegas Vortex produces alchemical events and fire circle gatherings in Las Vegas. 

SpiritFire Festival is a five day retreat-style fire circle gathering held in New England.

Fire Tribe Hawaii on Oahu. Sacred Fire Circles at each Solstice and Equinox. Dance, Music, Song & Art.

McBride Magic & Mystery School and world-renowned magician Jeff McBride.

Forestdance Sacred Fire Circles are co-creative, all night, eclectic spiritual experiences.

Shimmering Wolf Studios - Illumination website developer & Facilitator of Redwood Nights.

Kyer Photography/Artistic Wedding Photos - Photographer for some of this site's images

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You learn it by doing it, and once you get the basic idea, it can be applied in many different ways. Read More...

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While most of the music at fire circles is improvised we do draw upon the vast library of traditional circle songs... Read More....

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What to Bring



Illegal substances of any sort
Firearms, explosives, or fireworks

Suggested Packing List 

Your actual packing list may vary, depending on your accommodations, participation in the venue's meal plan, and other factors.

Nest/Tent & Bedding

Tent & Stakes
Ground & Shade
Bed Sheet
Sleeping Pad, Air Mattress or Cot
Sleeping Bag or Blanket(s)
Comfortable Folding Chair


Daytime Clothes
Fire Circle Clothes (suggested: Black, White, Red)
Undies & Socks
Sun Hat
Warm Hat
Sun Glasses
Shoes & Slippahs
Body & Face Paints, etc.


Food Altar Offering(s)  
Prayer Flags or Ties
Decorative Items, Cloth, Flowers (for shrines, circle, nest)
Hooks, Clips, String
Pillow/Groundcover for your Fire Circle Nest
Candle for Temple of Light
Coffee Altar Offerings
Shaker(s) for Rattle Altar
White Sage & Incense for Portal
Shade Canopy
Folding Table

Personal Care

Bath towels & wash cloths
Glasses & Contact stuff
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Hair brush, comb, hair bands
Shaving kit
Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap
Prescription Medications
Personal First-Aid Kit
Sun Block
Bug Spray
Feminine Hygiene items
Sleeper's Earplugs (silicone)
Sleep Mask
Musician's earplugs (foam)

Personal Beverages & Food

Water Bottle
Electrolytic Beverage Mix
Travel Mug
Reusable plate, bowl & utensils
Caffeinated Beverages (for the drive home) 


Directions to the Venue
Signed Waiver Form(s)
Alarm Clock
Drums & Sacred Sounds Instruments
Cell Phone & Car Charger
Raincoat & Umbrella (just in case)
Journal Notebook & Pens


Business Cards
Clothes Pins
Traveler's Sewing Kit
Small Backpack/Day Pack
Swiss Army Knife
Work Gloves 
Extra Garbage Bags
Mat or Towel for Yoga, etc.